Weight loss story: “I included buttermilk and chia seeds in my meals”

My breakfast: A bowl of Poha/Oats/Upma with lots of vegetables or Omelette with a cup of green tea

My lunch: 3 chapatis with bowl of Dal and Vegetable/pulses with a glass of buttermilk

My dinner: Bowl of Fruits/Boiled eggs/Vegetable sandwich or bowl of any homemade soup

Pre-workout meal: Any seasonal fruits with handful of almonds

Post- workout meal: A bowl of yogurt with chia seeds

I indulge in (What you eat on your cheat days): I always made sure I have cheat meals once a month. I always have what I love eating. But I made sure to maintain my calories.

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: I had proper homemade food with less of oil and butter. I opted for dry fruits, pumpkin seeds instead of snacking on junk food. I never had any low calorie packed food.

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