Weight loss story: “I followed intermittent fasting and this secret meal helped me lose fat faster”

My breakfast: For the first 4 months – Sabudana with milk and Jaggery (it is a very good meal for breastfeeding women), or a glass of milk with nuts, followed by seasonal cut fruits.

4 months later, I started Intermittent fasting for 16 hours, everyday. I finished dinner by 9 PM and had my first meal at 1 PM. During my fasting time, I only had black tea (without sugar) and drank loads of water.

My lunch: Being from a Bengali household, we usually have quite an elaborate spread for lunch. So I consumed everything that was prepared at home apart from rice/ chapaati and potatoes. My lunch included a large plate of green salad (without dressings of any kind or added salt) , a huge bowl of yellow dal, 3 types of vegetables & 2 pieces of fish in curry.

My dinner: Small portion of Rice/2 Chapaatis with Dal, 2 types of vegetable and Egg Curry / Chicken curry.

Pre-workout meal: I started my workout only after 6 months, as I gave my body that time to heal from the surgery. So I have coffee pre work-out.

Post-workout meal: I have my dinner 1 hour after workout , so there is no requirement for a separate post workout meal.

What I like to have for my cheat meals (what I indulge in): I have one cheat meal per week (for lunch) and along with that I indulge in a kebab diet once in a fortnight.

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: Chicken soup, home-made grilled chicken, choice of dals (pulses being one of my favourite groups of food).

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