Weight loss story: “I followed a diet plan according to my body type to lose weight”

This was the most significant change for me but I was the happiest about it. I was taking all my 3 meals which were full of nutrition as per the body needs. I was never ever told to EAT RIGHT instead of EATING LESS until now. She designed the meal plan according to my body type and worked on the root cause of gaining body weight.

So, on an average day, I would eat something like oatmeal/ chilla pancakes/ ragi dosa/ porridge or poha for breakfast, with any one fruit and a cup of black coffee and tea.

My lunch and dinner would comprise of 1-2 chapatis, one seasonal subzi, one daal and another bowl of salads and yoghurt. My dinner timings would be around 7-8 p.m., and I tend to eat lesser quantity that time.

Apart from that, I didn’t have any specific fat-cutting food but simply focussed on increasing my intake of healthy, nourishing meals which fit within my calorie window. I simply increased my water intake, and had junk food only on my cheat meals. That too, I preferred preparing these meals at home only.

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