Weight loss scam warning | Northern

The Australian Digital Health Agency is warning Victorians including those in Melbourne’s north not to fall for a weight loss scam running via Facebook.

The weight loss scam is spruiking a miracle cure and using the My Health Record logo.

The ads suggest people can lose 45 kilograms with one teaspoon of the product, a so-called


Chief clinical adviser Steve Hambleton said the scammers had misused the Agency’s My Health Record logo in the ads to try and lure people in.

“This is a nonsense,” Dr Hambleton said.

“Government agencies don’t lend their logos to companies and My Health Record is a trusted

brand, hence our warning.”

Dr Hambleton said scammers were insidious and looking to profit from people’s vulnerabilities.

“The use of the trusted My Health Record logo is cause for concern,” he said.

“Don’t fall for this scam.”

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