Valerie Bertinellli Just Shared An Emotional Message About Her Weight Loss Struggles

Valerie Bertinelli appeared to be both upset and indignant in her Instagram video as she revealed that someone commenting on one of her cooking videos felt the need to point out that the star ought to shed a few pounds. Bertinelli fired back that obviously she didn’t “need that help to let me know that I needed to lose weight.” She added, “You’re not being helpful,” and reminded any would-be critics that, “When you see somebody that has put some weight on, my first thought is, that person is obviously going through some things.” Things, perhaps, such as grieving the loss of a loved one (her once husband Eddie Van Halen passed away last fall).

Bertinelli reveals that she’s actually been wrestling with her weight for her “whole entire life,” nearly all of which has been spent in the spotlight. As she held back tears, she asked, “where’s the compassion?” before finishing strong with another reminder that comments like those are “not f***ing helpful” and then turning to pet her cat. In the caption on the post, Bertinelli admits she was originally going to delete the video, finding it “embarrassing and scary to be so vulnerable,” but changed her mind when she found it to be “hitting it a good nerve” with so many people that messaged to share similar weight loss struggles. A good reminder to us all to be easier on each other and ourselves.

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