Trimona yogurt has the entire line verified by Keto

PORT JEFFERSON, NY – in August 2021, Trimona Foods, the manufacturer of Trimona Bulgarian Yogurt, had its entire Keto Verified product line. It is one of the few yogurt products verified by Keto on the market.

Our products have long met the Keto verification criteria, as they allow only 6 g of clean carbohydrates per serving. Even our Superfood line uses Monk Fruit as a sweetener, keeping carbs at that same low level.

Trimona Keto Verified Yogurt is a welcome innovation for keto consumers who have difficulty finding keto-compatible dairy products. With zero added sugars and A2A2-tested organic milk, Trimona meets the needs of Keto diet followers and the “keto-curious” by offering an easy way to add fermented dairy to a Keto diet.

“Maintaining a Keto diet consistently can be a challenge given the need to consume healthy fats while limiting carbohydrates,” said Atanas Valev, founder and CEO of Trimona Foods Yogurt. “Unlike many other brands, Trimona makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of healthy yogurt. In fact, a cup of Trimona yoghurt adapts very well to the daily portion of ketohydrates in the diet, while promoting satiety at the same time ”.

Trimona’s product line includes its traditional Plain varieties and its Superfood product line. Each Trimona Superfood glass has billions of vital probiotics, 5,000 milligrams of superfoods and NO added sugar.

Trimona yogurt products are keto compatible and are made with A2A2 herb and herbal milk and organic ingredients fed with herbs. They are available at outlets in the United States, including Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, Shaw’s Supermarkets, Hannaford Bros, Wegmans, Shoprite, Mariano’s, Bristol Farms and many more.

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Trimona Yogurt Has Entire Line Keto Verified

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