TikToker Blasts McDonald’s Workers For Botching His Keto Order

A customer aired his concerns on TikTok after a McDonald’s apparently messed up his order.

The video, posted by Matthew Beecher (@makitaofficial), shows him sitting with his receipt and burger in his lap. According to his receipt, Beecher attempted to order a double cheeseburger without the bun.

“I’m doing Keto,” he explains.

Instead, McDonald’s gave him two buns with all the cheeseburger toppings inside but no beef patty. Ketogenic diets involve eating high-fat, low carb meals.

“Where’s the fucking meat?” he questioned. The text overlay on the video reads: “And they want $ 15 an hour.”

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Not all viewers were on his side, though. A number of people criticized the way he addressed fast food employees and for making a big deal out of what many perceived to be a small problem.

One of the top comments on the post, with 180 likes, reads: “Make it at home then.”

“[You’re] acting like you paid $ 30 for it when in reality the most you paid was under $ 5, ”reads another comment.

“First world problems,” said another viewer. “You will be ok”

“I thought it said no burger at first. simple mistake… they deserve $ 15 / hr and you deserve to be paid more too, ”one person wrote.

Others, however, were more sympathetic to his botched order.

“I’ve stopped going to McDonald’s because they can’t even get a completely regular order right,” said one viewer.

“They messed up my order every single time and I don’t get it,” another commenter wrote.

Since posting, Beecher’s video has over 112,000 views.

In a pinned comment, the TikToker doubled-down on his claim that McDonald’s employees don’t deserve $ 15 an hour: “I don’t believe burger flippers deserve 15 an hour when that’s what EMTs and the military average pay is,” he wrote . “If you want more in life, WORK FOR IT SO YOU APPRECIATE IT.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Beecher via TikTok comment and McDonald’s via email.

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* First Published: Jan 29, 2022, 9:54 am CST

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