This Dunkin ‘Butter Coffee had split TikTok

Dunkin ‘ has been behind a number of delicious coffee drinks over the years, though we’re not too sure we’ll see buttered coffee on the chain’s menu anytime soon. After TikTok employee and user @adabadayy shared it video on the social media platform showing up grabbing the unconventional additive in a joe cup at the request of a customer, some people went to the comments section to report the idea. “If anyone ever asks me to do it, I say no,” one person wrote.

Interestingly, an overwhelming number of commentators intervened to defend the coffee blend. “It’s actually really good,” one person said. “People have been doing this in Ethiopia for years,” said another. A third party noted that butter was a popular additive for those who continue to ketogenic diet. “Is Bulletproof coffee or ceto coffee. It helps with digestion and weight loss, “he said.

In accordance with Health line, butter coffee is a “DIY version” of bulletproof coffee, which is sometimes used as a meal replacement for those who make keto. It usually consists of brewed coffee, unsalted butter, and something high in medium-chain triglycerides such as coconut oil, and is said to provide energy and mental clarity and can help suppress hunger. Although Dunkin ‘s version of this butter drink may not compare to the fan favorite Caramel Swirl Iced Coffee from the chain, as one TikToker put it: “Don’t touch it until you try it.”

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