The Shark Tank Keto pill scam is being told

Apart from this, no other Keto-related product, in particular supplements, has ever received any investment or endorsement from its principals. “Shark tank“investors. In 2019, data verification site Snopes he did a thorough investigation into the scam, noting that those behind these scams and the products themselves were using a practice known as “dropshipping.” As Snopes explains, it is when “the person who advertises and sells a certain product never has the physical possession of the product in question.” Instead, they direct potential customers to order directly from a vendor, earning them “a fraction of the profits from a sale in the process.”

Although the dropshipping process itself is not really a scam, like How to do it geek note, scammers are using the process to trick potential customers into buying products that are being falsely endorsed by “Shark Tank” and its major investors such as Lori Grenier and Mark Cuban. Both Grenier and Cuban continue to work to remove these fake ads, but continue to reappear more on social networking sites like Facebook (via USA Today).

So if you come across an ad that promotes Grenier or Cuban endorsing a pill Keto will do wonders for your diet, remember that it is likely to be a scam.

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