The Carb Genius app debuts as a unique destination for a healthy Keto lifestyle

The app is the most complete tool for keto and low carb diets on iOS, with the support of registered dietitians along with hundreds of easy recipes

The new app, Carb Genius, recently released in the Apple Store, is completely focused on low carb and keto diets and is from MyNetDiary Inc., known for one of the original calorie tracking apps on the market “MyNetDiary “, which has more than 12 million global users.

With more people than ever turning to technology for their wellness needs, it seems like the time is right for this summer launch. Much more than a carbohydrate calculator, Carb Genius is a unique destination for living a healthy, low-carbohydrate lifestyle. Carb Genius is based on the latest science and was developed alongside a team of registered dietitians who provide support and motivation along with hundreds of easy and tasty recipes low in carbohydrates and keto. For people with time pressures, premium recipes are quick and easy, with most of the time in preparation and cooking in about 20 minutes.

Carb Genius is the easiest and most complete tool for low carb and keto diets on iOS, helping users plan their diets and keep track of clean carbs and macros. Focus on easy personalization, test-based advice, an interactive community, and delicious recipes that help members turn good intentions into positive, lasting changes. The app, which offers a healthy and scientifically proven approach, includes all aspects of following a diet, from planning to monitoring and analyzing results.

MyNetDiary Inc. CEO Sergey Oreshko has seen an increase in demand for diet and wellness apps, which began during COVID-19 and continues as stress, emotional feeding and work from home pose manifests the need for customizable solutions for weight loss and weight management.

“The pandemic has reshaped the way consumers eat, shop, chase fitness and seek expert nutritional advice,” says Sergey Oreshko, CEO and founder of MyNetDiary Inc. “Our goal with Carb Genius was to build the simplest and most complete application of keto and low in carbohydrates on the market. It is more important than ever to equip our users with the ability to customize their diet plans and provide them with the knowledge and support they need to look and feel their best. ”

It has everything from diet planning, food and exercise monitoring to blood glucose monitoring, a recipe import function and shopping tools with a built-in augmented reality scanner, as well as a tool for virtual trainer who will guide users with personalized advice. The app can be linked to Fitbit and Garmin fitness trackers and has a built-in GPS tool for outdoor exercise tracking.

The Carb Genius food tracker, which has a library of over a million verified foods, is the most advanced in the industry, making it easy to record every meal in seconds. And even users can record meals by taking a photo with their state-of-the-art image recognition technology. Beyond carbohydrates, members can also keep track of up to 38 nutrients, which is more than any other application.

All essential features are available in the free app and a Premium subscription includes premium recipes, autopilot, macro and calorie cycling, micronutrient tracking, body measurement tracking, integrations with Fitbit, Garmin and a shopping list tool.

The premium subscription costs $ 59.99 per year or $ 8.99 per month. To buy, visit:

For more information, visit

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