Sprouts Farmers Market: 13 new products in the land of Sprouts

The August release includes 10 exclusives

PHOENIX, Arizona – July 29, 2021 –Agricultural Sprouts Market stores across the country have added a new range of 13 innovative products for August, including 10 exclusive to the Healthy Grocery Store. Every month, shoppers who want to get off the grocery list can look for them “Search for a new favorite” icons in Sprouts stores to discover the newest and tastiest foods and supplements, specially cured with unique flavors and healthy attributes.

Plant based and vegan

  • Plant-based meals from Wicked Foods: Chef-driven flavors, vegetables and herbs and healthy spices come together in this innovative range of plants that includes prepared meals, porridge, chunks of M’shroom and pesto sauce.
  • Gotham Greens dressings and drops: Only in Sprouts, Vegan Caesar and Vegan Ranch fertilizers are the freshest, greenest ingredients made.
  • Meals based on Blount family kitchen plants: Salty foods, sauces and vegetables include salty flavors of tomatoes, peppers and spices with abundant vegetable crumbs, exclusively in Sprouts.
  • Herbal sandwich bread: A new form of sandwich, only in Sprouts, these wheat and wheat-based breads are soft, chewy, and free of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Self-care accessories

  • Organized superfood supplements: Red juices and green juices are made from completely vegan ingredients, which are keto-friendly and dry, containing properties that can promote healthy cortisol levels. *
  • Solgar stress and sleep support: Blends of natural herbs that promote emotional well-being and relieve occasional stress and anxiety with ingredients like apoptogenic ashwagandha and saffron. *

Sweets, snacks and drinks

  • Baozza! Frozen pizza sandwiches: The classic pizza flavors stuffed with a soft, chewy bao bun make a salty-flavored bomb that’s new and exclusive to Sprouts.
  • Streusel Lucky Spoon Triple Berry Cupcakes: Only in Sprouts, soft muffins and streusel bounce berry flavor and are made with real, healthy ingredients, gluten-free but not flavorful.
  • Coconut rolls with white chocolate: Light and crunchy coconut rolls are dipped in tasty lemon ginger and mixed berry icing, exclusive to sprouts.
  • Buffalo Ranch Bulk Cashew Nuts: New and unique in Sprouts ’bulk department, a large, bold buffalo ranch flavor spices the protein-filled cashews for a punching snack.
  • All natural spicy chicken tenders: Available only in the Sprouts Meat Department, the chicken shops are soaked in onion, garlic and sesame seeds for ready-to-eat food in minutes of all-natural, antibiotic-free chicken.
  • Bulletproof black coffee: Essential B vitamins are packaged in a soft, delicious, keto-compatible cold drink, for a sugar-free healthy energy, only in Sprouts.
  • Good food Cold pressed drinks: High quality cold pressed beverages have powerful antioxidants and support hydration and immunity, only Sprouts.

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* These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

About Sprouts Farmers Market, Inc.
Sprouts are where goodness grows. True to its agricultural heritage, Sprouts offers a unique grocery experience with an open design with fresh produce in the center of the store. Sprouts inspire well-being naturally with a carefully cured assortment of products for you, combined with purpose-oriented people. The Healthy Grocery Store continues to deliver the latest in healthy and innovative products made with lifestyle-appropriate ingredients such as organic, vegetable and gluten-free. Headquartered in Phoenix and one of the fastest growing retailers in the country, Sprouts employs approximately 35,000 team members and operates more than 360 stores in 23 states nationwide. To learn more about Sprouts and the good it brings to communities, visit about.sprouts.com.



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