See: Keto Recipe Chenna Murki: A Guilt Free Delight for Janmashtami

The festival season is here, with many festivals like Sawan and Raksha Bandhan and many more! We can’t help but eat sweets, these festivals are designed on mithai. So how do you enjoy these festivals without worrying about impending weight gain. We need to find a way to celebrate it without getting fat. In this Janmashtami (August 30, 2021), switch to eating a healthier alternative to your mithai. Choose to eat sugar-free desserts that will taste exactly like normal desserts.

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In search of sugar-free desi sweets, we found a recipe posted by Jyoti Dalmia on his YouTube channel “Magic In My Food”. He shared the recipe for keto chenna murki. Chenna murki is a famous East Indian sweet. It is popularly found in candy stores in Bengal and Orissa. This keto chenna recipe is made without sugar and is high in protein. You can enjoy this dessert without guilt! Watch the video of the recipe below:

Weight Loss: How to Make Keto Chenna Murki:

Keto chenna murki is probably the easiest keto desi dessert that can be made. Need ghee, no sugar, water, glass, cardamom powder and rose water. Rose water and cardamom powder are used to get an extra flavor to chenna murki, you can also prepare it without these ingredients.

Start by greasing a non-stick pan with a little ghee. Add stevia and water to the pan and light the flame. Mix until the sweet syrup is ready. Add small pieces of panel to the sweet syrup. Cook the pan until the syrup is completely absorbed. You can add cardamom powder and rose water during the absorption process.

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