San Antonio’s new low-carb pizzeria and pastry restaurant is Shake and Bake on Hildebrand, near I-10.

Outside of the life-changing tragedy, Rudy Ramirez has found a way to keep his late wife’s memory alive and provide San Antonio with a health-focused bakery.

Ramirez opened Shake and Bake along Hildebrand Avenue, near Interstate 10, in August, serving a menu of low-carb carbon oven products. The business, he said, arose directly from a health crisis that he and his wife, Norma González-Ramírez, shared in 2019. He was diagnosed with cancer and his weight had reached 351 pounds.

“He started doing chemotherapy and I started my weight loss journey,” she said. “One of us had to survive for our 15-year-old son.”

Shake and Bake Bakery is located at 1416 W. Hildebrand Ave.

Shake and cook

After cancer claimed Gonzalez-Ramirez in April, Ramirez, who has dropped to 207 pounds, decided on a way to pay tribute to his wife by sharing healthy food with San Antonio. Ramirez partnered with his nephew, chef Lorenzo Gonzalez, to develop a menu focused on minimizing carbohydrates and eliminating all processed sugars.

They use monk fruit, a calorie-free sweetener, in items like cookies and cakes. The natural sugars in the fruit provide the unique sweetness of the Shake and Bake cake and strawberry pie. Low-carb breads and rolls are also offered. None of your cakes or breads contain more than 4 grams of carbohydrates per serving.

Shake and Bake also serves freshly cooked pizzas for eating or takeaway, with a 12-inch cake containing just 9 grams of carbohydrates, significantly less than 100 grams or more that a traditional wheat cake can hold. The rinds, Ramirez said, are made mostly of vital wheat gluten and contain no cauliflower. The small Shake and Bake menu is completed with a selection of coffee drinks and protein shakes.

Shake and Bake, 1416 W. Hildebrand Ave., 210-777-3530,, Facebook: @shakeandbakesa | Twitter: @pjbites | Instagram: @pjstephen

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