Sameera Reddy Shares Emotional Hunger vs Actual Hunger Tips For Weight Loss

New Delhi: Are you an emotional eater? More often than not managing hunger pangs, especially when we are on a weight loss plan, becomes difficult. The urge to satiate our cravings is real! However, it’s important to know the difference between an emotional hunger and an actual hunger, says actor Sameera Reddy who is on a successful and a healthy weight loss journey.Also Read – Chia Seeds For Weight Loss: How Effective Are These Black Seeds to Shed Those Extra Kilos?

Sameera Reddy’s weight loss tips

With consistent exercise and healthy eating, the actor has lost 10 kilos over the last six months. Isn’t that incredible? Also Read – How to Maintain Weight, Once Lost? Best Ways Explained By Nutritionist, Manisha Chopra | Watch Now

The star, who is also a mom to her two kids, Hans, 6 and Nyra, 2, keeps sharing her fitness routine and healthy lifestyle tips on her social media handles every now and then for her fans and followers. Also Read – Roti For Weight Loss: How Can ‘Roti’ Help You Shed Those Extra Kilos? Read on

Recently, she took to her Facebook account to share tips on how to identify emotional hunger vs actual hunger. She wrote, “When you feel low and tired or negative there are certain cravings that kick in and I feel I’ve been able to balance it by being aware what my food triggers are.”

Sameera Reddy’s Emotional Hunger vs Actual Hunger Tips For Weight Loss is Totally on Point

According to the actor, here’s how you can identify if it is an actual hunger or an emotional hunger.

Actual hunger

  • develops slowly
  • you feel full & mindfully stop eating
  • no negative feelings/guilt after
  • you desire a mix of food groups

Emotional hunger

  • comes suddenly/abruptly
  • binge eating & not feeling full
  • feeling bad post eating
  • craving certain feel good foods

Check out her post here:

How to create the balance ?

  • when you feel a binge coming distract yourself , drink lots of water and let the feeling pass.
  • figure out your reasons and be mindful & aware.
  • good sleep helps with stress & exhaustion. It also helps with not reaching out for sweet to pep you up in the day.
  • no late night snacking.
  • portion control ( I’ve really followed this one).
  • keeping a food diary ( you will be amazed how much you tuck in).
  • keep moving through the day.
  • and lastly truly figure out your calm space with whatever helps.

Sameera tied the knot with businessman Akshai Vande in 2014 and is now a hands-on momma! She is immensely active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc, and keeps posting fun and interesting health or cooking related videos with her mum-in-law to keep her fans and followers engaged.

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