Saint John’s business: making meals and making friends with keto friends

SAINT JOHN: A Saint John entrepreneur makes it easy to enjoy the sweet treats for diabetics and those who follow the ketogenic diet with their products and baked goods.

Jennifer Colpitts is the owner of Mabel Kitchen. The company specializes in baked goods for keto and recently expanded also to make takeaway food.

Colpitts started the business, named after his grandmother, about two and a half years ago. She herself has followed the keto diet and has started making bakery products that she and other people on the diet could eat.

“They always said‘ your stuff is really good, you should try to sell it, ’” Colpitts says.

He ketogenic diet or “keto” in short is a low-carb, high-fat diet. Many use the diet to lose weight, but it is also known to benefit those with diseases such as diabetes and epilepsy.

Shortly after starting the business, she was not the only one in her household to have a diet.

“Ironically, my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about two weeks after it started,” Colpitts says.

Image: Mabel Kitchen, Facebook

Mabel Kitchen products are compatible with keto, sugar-free, gluten-free and diabetes-free. Products range from cookies, cakes, parties, bars, brownies and more.

“For most of them, I took our favorite recipes and adapted them,” Colpitts says. “I use sugar-free sweetener and many of my products are made with almond or coconut flour, which makes them gluten-free.”

She also has her taste tester son, who also helps.

“My son is a guinea pig. He is willing to try anything and I can test my blood sugar before eating one of our baked goods and then I can also test it to see if it causes an increase in my blood sugar. “

Mabel Kitchen currently sells the Saint John City Market from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays and the Carlton Curling Club every Friday from 4 to 6 p.m. to place a collection order. She does a few extras for Saturdays at the City Market, but they don’t last long.

“It is not necessary to place a pre-order, but it sells quite quickly, usually in an hour or two when I am in the market. So I tell people to come early or place a pre-order, that’s the best way to make sure you get what you want. “

Mabel Kitchen customers range from people who follow the keto diet to people with diabetes, celiac disease and other food allergies.

“I have a lot of little kids who come and want cinnamon rolls, donuts and things they can still have because you can still eat whatever you want when you’re type 1 diabetic, but you have to take insulin for that,” Colpitts says.

“So when they eat my bakery products, they don’t have to take as much insulin and sometimes they don’t have to take any insulin, which is nice when you’re three or four years old and you don’t have to take a needle for a cookie “.

In May, Colpitts rented a commercial space at the Carlton Curling Club. This allowed Colpitts to manufacture and sell products that need refrigeration, such as cheesecakes. This movement also allowed it to expand to offer Keto food.

“They’re a lot of salads, casseroles in individual portions, because most people who follow the keto diet don’t do it as a family, they’re just a person in their family,” Colpitts says. “So the other members of his family eat normal food and eat something different. They can just put them in the microwave or put them in the oven and the rest of the family can eat whatever they want. ”

Colpitts says the next step for Mabel Kitchen will be wholesale. She says she already had a local company to contact her about product supply. Although her mother now helps her, she would also like to hire staff in the future.

“Finally, I’d like to hire a few more people because I’m very busy making keto cakes myself,” he says. “It would be nice for other people to take the rest of the baking so I could focus on birthday cakes and birthday cakes.”

Saint John Business Making Keto-Friendly Treats And Meals

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