Rosemary Shrager weight loss: Chef drops a dress size in 6 weeks by following keto diet

“You have to pull yourself together, you have to do it. Now I’m in the zone. ”

Rosemary then updated fans a month later with her progress.

In another video, she said: “I’m still on it [the keto diet]I’ve lost a lot of weight, I’ve gone down a whole [dress] size.

“The thing is, I haven’t weighed myself, because I thought there was no point – it’s all to do with my dress size and how I feel about myself.

“It’s been six weeks, I feel a different person – I feel normal again, I feel I’ve got more energy.”

This is the first time Rosemary has publicly admitted to following a keto diet to try and lose weight.

Before, Rosemary dropped three dress sizes through time-restricted eating (TRE).

Rosemary explained how she has a 16-hour fasting period, and only ate between 12pm and 8pm.

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