Rebel Wilson stuns in swimsuit showing 70-pound weight loss

Rebel Wilson, down 70 pounds, is looking better than ever as she parties it up on a yacht.

The 41-year-old actress, last year reaching her goal weight of 165 pounds, has been big-time flaunting her whittled-down silhouette, with a fresh Instagram post today highlighting the blonde’s figure.

Rebel, who swore she’d make 2020 her “year of health,” was throwing out baby blues, frilly fabrics, and a little rope action in her Monday photos, with an inspirational message tying right into the snaps.

Rebel Wilson weight loss

Scroll for the shots, ones shared with Rebel’s 9.9 million followers. The Pitch Perfect actress, who has been ramping up filming for upcoming movie Senior Year, was seen chilling on her front and backed by waters and distant buildings – eyes may well have been on the Aussie herself, though, as she rocked a pale blue and plunging bathing suit, statement straw hat, plus cat-eye shades.

Biting on rope from the yacht for a cheeky finish, Rebel kept it low-key via the selfie mode action, then posing to better showcase her reflective shades and a little more chest.

“I’m stronger up against the ropes,” the actress wrote.

Rebel, who has admitted her weight loss journey’s ups and downs, last year spoke on Instagram Live to address how she feels about her new shape and how she lost the weight. The star, who confessed to turning to chocolate during trying moments, touted “mindful” eating, telling fans:

“You feel satisfied and then you stop eating. Whereas if I’m eating a whole frickin’ bag of chips I’m just like devouring that and suddenly there’s a ton of calories and game over and yeah, no weight loss that week.”

The Olly partner, who now fronts the popular wellness brand alongside 35-year-old sitcom star Kaley Cuoco, added: “Emotional eating was kind of the thing that I did and dealing with the stress … how I was dealing with fame and the pressures of work was by emotional eating.”

Fans today threw Wilson over 60,000 likes in one hour. Fourth of July weekend, meanwhile, brought the actress in a statement and skin-tight black shorts look as she posed indoors and sent out a big palm tree emoji and major Grease energy.

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