Q&A: Vinny Guadagnino of ‘Chippendales’

Jersey Shore reality TV star Vinny Guadagnino is back in Las Vegas, returning to the Chippendales stage at the Rio for this third run as guest host of the iconic male revue through April 10. After a long time away, the show returned to live performances and wild audiences last fall, and “The Keto Guido” is the first guest star to bring back his own unique spark to the sexy, funny production. While he’s been busy filming for TV over the course of the last two years, nothing can replace the feeling of entertaining fans live onstage for this budding performer.

How does it feel to be back in Las Vegas, getting onstage at Chippendales again after such a long time away?

I had no idea if it was ever going to come back, if the world was ever going to come back like before, or what things would survive and thrive. They didn’t have to call me back and they did, and it’s definitely flattering and an amazing feeling.

You recently sold your house in LA and you’re back home in New York, so it must be cool to have such a fun reason to get back to the West Coast.

Vegas is kind of like a second home. New York pulled me back again, because my family is there, and I have a lot of business there. But Vegas is perfect because I can do the show, go out to the coast and get my fix, and pop into LA, and Vegas is so chill. It’s more my speed. LA can get a little wild. In Vegas, the Strip is crazy but there’s so many other (things to do) like go hiking and take in all the surrounding nature. I’m excited to ride my bike out there.

You’ve been biking and of course you’ve famously been jumping rope on Jersey Shore, which your castmates tease you about. But isn’t it all part of a fitness regimen to keep you in shape for Chippendales?

I like to keep in shape for my mental health, too, since it has been such a stressful time. I picked up a lot of new activities during (the pandemic) like those, and running through the woods, and making a nice meal for myself every night. Staying home was almost like training camp for me, then when the world opened back up, I started to put on weight again. So maybe I have to lock myself down again in order to get back in shape. With the jump rope, it seems like everybody makes fun of what I do at first, but then all of a sudden, it’s popping. First it was keto, then jump rope.

You were working on several different projects before the pandemic, including podcasts and stand-up comedy. What’s the status?

I moved to Manhattan specifically so I could work on my comedy and be more immersed in the (environment). I’m doing a little bit of open mic stuff, more underground style. Comedy is not something you just jump into, but I’m getting pretty comfortable and definitely working on it. And I’m hoping to restart a podcast I’ll do in New York, too. I’m hoping I’ll be able to do some (comedy) while I’m doing Chippendales in Vegas because you know there are plenty of great comedy clubs there.

You’re a veteran at this point with Chippendalesbut what were your first impressions of the show?

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I first got here, but I loved it from the beginning. If you sit down for one show, you realize it’s more of an interactive, fun, comedy-type show where everyone is just having a good time. It definitely is a staple show of Las Vegas and every time I tell people to come, they’ve never had a bad time.

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