No cereals: the new trend in snacks

In addition, Crunchmaster’s line of cereal-free cookies will debut a new recipe during the fourth quarter, using olive oil and an optimized formula to ensure the products meet paleo and vegan claims.

“When marketing and promoting cereal-free snacks, it’s important to focus on two key customer groups: those who already know and are looking for cereal-free options and those who are not yet familiar with the benefits of cereal-free snacks.” advises Bennie. “First, prominently labeling products with nutritional value and statements … on the front of the package lets customers know immediately that they have found a cereal-free snack. These claims are also prominent in our sales materials.

“For those unfamiliar or proactively looking for cereal-free snacks, education is essential to help customers understand the benefits and why they might choose a cereal-free product rather than a competitive option,” he continues. . “Crunchmaster promotes the benefits of its products through its website and social media to help educate consumers before they even get to the aisle of the grocery store.”

“At LesserEvil, we like to experiment with ingredients that are sustainable and can create something truly innovative and delicious,” says Charles Coristine, president and CEO of LesserEvil Healthy Brands Co., based in Danbury, Connecticut, who recently introduced two new cereals. free snacks at Natural Products Expo East in September, PeaNOTS and Sun Poppers. “We use cassava flour as a base in many of our products. In addition, our new Sun Poppers are made with recycled watermelon and pumpkin seeds. Our new PeaNOTS use peas, a water-efficient crop. “

LesserEvil’s grain-free products feature prominent text on the front of their packaging. “We work with the Paleo Foundation to certify our products as certified and cereal-free / gluten-free Paleo,” Coristine notes.

“Almond flour has been a major player in this space for years, and we use it in several of our products,” says Andrea Horowitz, senior director of content and communications at Chicago-based Simple Mills. that is, we have been introducing new products made with a variety of nuts and seeds, such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, cashews and watermelon seeds.These ingredients add key nutrients to our products at the same time. which support our mission to promote a diversified diet that will benefit both our physical and global health. “

Case in point: Simple Mills ’new line of Sweet Thins snacks is made from a blend of watermelon, cashew, sunflower and flax seed flours. “Sales have steadily increased and will continue to increase as new innovations hit store shelves,” Horowitz points out about the brand’s overall product line. “Consumers are intrigued by alternative ingredients and are interested in experimenting with never-before-used ingredients, especially those that contain a nutritious punch.”

“Our products contain potato starch and sweet potato flour, which are used to replace what would be great,” says Ashley Rogers, founder and CEO of Spudsy, based in Newport Beach, California, a manufacturer of the line. Sweet Potato Fry snacks without grains. in Hot, Vegan Ranch, Sea Salt and Cheese varieties, a departure from the usual corn-based offerings in this space. “Sweet potatoes are a great source of nutrients and we only use recycled sweet potatoes to make our delicious snacks. We do this because we have a mission to help reduce food waste with our Save the Spud campaign. By using of “imperfect” potatoes, we can not only offer a grain-free option, but also recycle; this year we are on track to save more than 1 million imperfect sweet potatoes. “

Spudsy has drawn attention to its grain-free products through ads and influencer content.

Of course, for those who avoid grain, meat-based snacks have always been a logical choice. “At 4505, we benefit because our products are, and always have been, naturally grain-free,” notes Greg O’Neal, marketing director at San Francisco-based 4505 Meats, which recently launched 100 sausage links % without cereals Butcher’s Snacks. full of up to 24 grams of protein per link.

“4505 Meats pork skins have been very successful in being marketed in main line savory snacks, right next to chips, popcorn and other grain-based savory snacks,” O’Neal notes. “The brand has also seen success marketed in healthier alternative snack sets. When it comes to marketing shelves and features, we love participating in dietary (e.g., keto) and seasonal (e.g., Year) topics. New, New You), which are aimed at conscious buyers of cereals and carbohydrates.

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