Mum, 44, lost weight and ‘survived heart attack due to diet change’

A mum who was “brought back to life” credits her survival to her amazing weight loss transformation.

Naomi Mottram from Ellesmere Port survived a heart attack after losing five stone in five months. Naomi, 44, was admitted to the Countess of Chester hospital in January this year, with chest pains and brought back to life twice.

She started her weight loss journey in November last year at 23 stone and had already lost two stone before her heart attack. While in hospital she was told she had an undiagnosed heart condition and she said medical staff told her that if she had not lost the weight she could have died.

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Speaking to the ECHO she said: “My eating had always been bad I was a big eater and I ate for comfort. It was all junk food and sweets I never thought about what was going into my body.

“When in the hospital the only thing I could think at the time was that I would not be there as a mum for my children, that they would not have a mother, it was very frightening. I never thought something like that could happen at my age.”

Since leaving the hospital, Naomi has made a full recovery and has continued to stick to her diet losing a further three stone. Naomi said: “Now I’m eating more fruit and I have my five a day, I eat a lot of protein which fills me up for longer and helps to repair muscle damage I’m just very strict with my diet.”

Naomi after after loosing five stone

She now wants to get down to her target weight of 12 stone and said the weight loss has given her more quality time with her children. She said: “I feel amazing now I’ve got more energy, more motivation. I want to get out and do things with my children.

“My daughter is six and I’m playing with her more than I could do before, walking down the road I was breathless but now I can take my daughter to the park.

“She is a lot happier because we can do more things together. She tells me that I look a lot more beautiful now.”

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