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Powder ice cream bites

The European group of production and distribution of ice cream and dairy Food Union has announced an innovation for its brand of ice cream inherited Powder – Powder ‘Snow Peaks’ – a box of 15 bites of ice cream with cocoa in the form of snow peaks.

“It’s about blurring product category lines and driving the innovation cycle creatively.”said Sandra Usacheva, Food Union ice cream brand manager.

“Food Union’s brand group seeks its connection with consumers to deliver highly unique ice cream experiences and create a frozen pastry that is the next level of innovation.”

The new product was a creation of the Food Union Ice Cream Competence Center in Riga, where its R&D team develops and tests ice cream recipes for both the Latvian market and for export.

Powder ‘Snow Peaks’ ice cream bites are served in an environmentally friendly biodegradable cardboard box, which, when released into the environment, decomposes completely without leaving any residue.

The new ice creams are available in the Food Union online store in Latvia, as well as in stores all over Latvia and Lithuania.

Excellence adds new flavors

Another Food Union brand, Ekselence, has also created a new range of ice cream in Latvia.

The range has three flavors in 0.5-liter cardboard jars: Ekselence Pumpkin Spice Latté, which is a spicy ice cream flavored with latte and pumpkin spice sauce; Ekselence Peanut Butter Crunch, which includes ice cream with caramel sauce and peanuts; and Ekselence Vanilla & Chocolate with Cookie Dough, with pieces of cookie dough in vanilla ice cream and chocolate.

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