Maple Ridge Woman To Compete For Cover In Ms Maple Fitness Magazine

The Ridge Fitness champion aims to become the face of the magazine: Maple Ridge News

A Maple Ridge woman is competing for the title of Ms. Maple’s fitness magazine. Health and Fitness, and hopes some local votes can get it in the next round.

Vanessa Barrett has been training in the gym and training for years. She has kept fit and trained while working out at a local gym chain and raising three children as a single mother.

But in March 2020, Barrett was fired due to COVID-19.

He decided that instead of slowing down, he would continue training and also start his own small fitness business, teaching classes online and in person, depending on conditions.

“COVID didn’t take any breaks in my fitness, but continued to keep me healthy daily to protect my mind,” Barrett said.

He was thinking of new directions that he decided to bet on and participate in the contest for Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine, which includes a title and a $ 20,000 prize.

Barrett won another fitness competition in 2018, but had never before considered going to the magazine’s big competition before this year. It was something that was always out of his comfort zone, he said.

But at 50, she believes she has everything she needs to win the contest and be a good representative of the title.

“I wasn’t born fit, but I work hard at it,” Barrett said.

She recommends those who want to be fit and healthy to be kind to themselves, to work in a positive mindset, and for the body to follow.

If he wins the competition, Barrett plans to spend $ 20,000 to grow his business, while providing more free and affordable options for people who want support and motivation, but who don’t necessarily have the means to pay for classes.

“I would also treat my amazing kids who have always encouraged my efforts,” she said.

You can vote for Barrett on the contest website at The current phase of the contest ends on Thursday, June 24 at 7 p.m.

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