DeLauer Will Collaborate with Koia on Keto Product Innovation, Starting with The Launch of a New Limited-Edition Shake, Koia Keto Raspberry Lava Cake

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 7, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Koia announces Thomas DeLauer, world-renowned ketogenic lifestyle expert, will collaborate with Koia on product development for the keto lifestyle and today, introduces the new limited-edition Koia Keto Raspberry Lava Cake. DeLauer, who has been an avid fan and supporter of Koia’s Keto line, will collaborate with the brand on new plant-based keto innovations and nutrition education.

Thomas DeLauer, a world-renowned ketogenic lifestyle expert, YouTube star, and avid fan and supporter of Koia’s Keto line, brings deep keto and nutrition knowledge to Koia’s expanding footprint within the Keto community.

“More and more people are curious about the keto lifestyle but want more plant-based options that deliver the right macro levels while still being delicious,” says DeLauer. “My knowledge in keto and nutrition research combined with Koia’s ability to create healthy and delicious plant-based products brings the best of both worlds to this community.”

This plant-forward keto innovation challenges critical belief around the keto lifestyle, showcasing that one can, in fact, reach ketosis healthfully while leading a partial or fully plant-based diet. Koia, being one of the only nutrition shakes on the market to deliver all the 9 essential amino acids needed to replace animal-based protein, provides an ideal solution for those looking to include more plant-based options into their keto regimen. This launch, and investment in the keto space, is a testament to the brand’s continued commitment and mission of making the plant-based lifestyle more accessible to everyone.

When working together on this product, Koia and DeLauer wanted something that tasted indulgent and comforting, so they selected Koia Keto Raspberry Lava Cake as the signature flavor, inspired by DeLauer’s favorite keto-friendly dessert that his wife makes – Chocolate Lava Cake with a raspberry sauce. Raspberries are one of DeLauer’s go-to keto friendly fruits and a key ingredient in his wife’s recipe. The raspberry tartness balances the richness of the chocolate for a delicious flavor that Koia and DeLauer worked closely to capture in this product, with DeLauer tasting many formulations until they landed on the perfect taste.

“Everything we do at Koia is about health, function and taste, so collaborating with Thomas DeLauer is a natural alignment with our brand, “he says Chris Hunter, Co-founder and CEO of Koia. “He keeps up with all the latest research in the keto space and really understands ingredients and their functionality. Plus, the fact that the Raspberry Lava Cake is based on his favorite dessert that his wife makes at home, gives the product extra heart.”

Raspberry Lava Cake delivers ideal macro ratios with two high-performing, functional ingredients: macadamia nut milk and pumpkin seed protein. Macadamia nut milk is known to provide a significant amount of palmitoleic acid and is an ideal fat-to-protein ratio (2: 1) for enhanced keto support. Pumpkin seed protein is a healthy clean protein source high in zinc, which can support the keto process and recovery. Raspberry Lava Cake contains 3g net carbs, 8g C8 MCT oil, 10g protein, and 0g added sugar per bottle, the ideal nutrition profile to accelerate ketosis.

Koia’s 100% plant-based Keto shake line also includes other dessert-inspired flavors like Chocolate Brownie, Caramel Crème, Cookies’ N Cream and Cake Batter. Consumers can purchase Koia Keto Raspberry Lava Cake, priced at $ 3.99 per bottle, for a limited time at drinkkoia.com via the pre-order link here. Assets can also be found here.

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About Koia
Koia = truly delicious, healthy, convenient, low-sugar / low net carbs, plant-based beverages that come ready-to-drink with no mixing or stirring required. Koia uses only high-quality ingredients to deliver a balance of complete plant protein, fiber, and healthy fats for sustained satiation and energy at any time of the day. All Koia flavors are 100-percent plant-based, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and Non-GMO Project verified. Koia offers three lines of beverages to cater to nearly everybody’s nutritional needs: Koia Protein, Koia Keto, and Koia Smoothie. For more information, visit drinkkoia.com and Koia’s Instagram and Facebook.

About Thomas DeLauer
Thomas DeLauer is an author, celebrity trainer, nutrition coach, and YouTube star who is most noted for his own personal health transformation. Thomas reached nearly 300lbs, became pre-diabetic, hypertensive, and battled severe depression and anxiety as he entered the corporate world. Determined to make a change, Thomas turned to the ketogenic diet along with intermittent fasting and dropped over 100 lbs in a little over one year. His transformation inspired a shift in lifestyle, including leaving the corporate world. This led to a new life chapter of advocacy and education where he and his wife team up to motivate others.

Through his journey over the years, DeLauer grew and organic community of nearly 3 million YouTube subscribers; he now reaches over 15 million people a month by answering questions about health, diet, and lifestyle optimization. All of Thomas’ recommendations are backed by scientific evidence compiled by a remarkable research team. Thomas and his work have been featured in Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, Ironman MagazineMuscle & Performance, The Hallmark Channel and others. Some of Thomas’s latest endeavors include co-authoring The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook and partnering with 100% plant-based shake company Koiato serve as their Chief Keto Officer where he has advised on their line of plant-based Keto shakes. He currently resides in California with his wife, their two young children, three dogs and their horse, Sonny.

Thomas DeLauer collaborates on new Keto product innovation starting with the launch of Koia Keto Raspberry Lava Cake, a new signature flavor inspired by a favorite keto-friendly dessert that his wife makes

Thomas DeLauer collaborates on new Keto product innovation starting with the launch of Koia Keto Raspberry Lava Cake, a new signature flavor inspired by a favorite keto-friendly dessert that his wife makes

(PRNewsphoto / Koia)

(PRNewsphoto / Koia)



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