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PALM BEACH, FL, October 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE): Americans love their cookies.

Almost every household in the United States serves and enjoys cookies.

But when people eat seven billion cookies every year, they consume a lot of sugar and carbs.

Because consumers are unlikely to give up their cookies, they can now try Keto Queen Kreations ’tasty low-carb cookies, including two of the most popular cookies they love.

“We have two 10 main cookies that Americans love, including the most popular, chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies, ”said Jordan Sanabria, Queen Keto, who, three years ago, combined her love of cooking and baking with her ceto lifestyle and founded Keto Queen Kreations. “We also offer Snickerdoodle and Double Chocolate Chip cookies.”

Sanabria said consumers can enjoy their favorite cookies without feeling guilty.

“Regardless of whether you’re on the keto diet or want to consume less carbs, you can enjoy our tasty low-carb cookies, as well as our cakes, brownies, pancakes and bread varieties,” he added.

Amazon,, i offers the following Keto Queen Kreations:

  • Artisan bread mix
  • Brownie Mix
  • Carrot cake mix
  • Mix of chocolate cakes
  • Cookies with chocolate chips
  • Double chocolate chip cookies
  • Mix of coffee cake with cinnamon
  • Classic Homemade Muffin Mix
  • Cookies
  • Mix of pancakes
  • Pound cake mix
  • Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix
  • Mix of sugar cookies
  • Mix of yellow cakes

Keto Queen Kreations bakery mixes, which use only organic ingredients, are nuts, gluten-free and sugar-free.

Sanabria said he created these desserts when he started a low-carb lifestyle about three years ago.

“I couldn’t find cookies, cakes or bread compatible with ketos, so I created my own tasty recipes,” he said.

Sanabria’s cooking experiments eventually led her to start Keto Queen Kreations.

“Once my friends and family told me how good my recipes were, I tried to sell them on Etsy, where they quickly became popular,” he said. “Eventually, I quit my day job as an orthodontic assistant and became a full-time entrepreneur.”

Since its inception, Keto Queen Kreations has opened an Amazon store and recently added to its outlets.

“We are actively looking for more retailers to bring our blends to bake,” Sanabria said. “Recently, we’ve introduced our blends for baking to dozens of large and small chains.”

For more information or to make a purchase, visit Amazon,, i Consumers can also follow Keto Queen Kreations a Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, i YouTube.

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