Keto or the Mediterranean diet?

Said dietitian Rachel Hartley Insider, “The pattern of the Mediterranean diet is a pretty big model.” Hartley added that it is more of a diet pattern that people turned into a diet. The Mediterranean diet is rather a dietary form where there are no foods that cannot be eaten, but it emphasizes foods rich in plant-based nutrients. In contrast, there are specific foods that are not allowed to eat in the keto diet, and do not prioritize nutrient-rich foods.

In accordance with WebMD, the keto diet will help you lose more weight compared to other diets during the first three or six months. One of the disadvantages of the keto diet is that very few people can adhere to it for a long time due to its restrictive nature and expense, and once stop dieting, you can quickly regain weight (via Eat well).

According to registered dietitian Sharon Palmer, “The Mediterranean diet has been around for thousands of years, and is the most researched diet on the planet.” Palmer added that it is easier to stick to this diet because it is more inclusive of food groups and sustainable (through US News). So, bottom line is that you’re really looking forward to your health and appearance. If you want a quick weight loss, choose keto and if you want a more sustainable lifestyle change, opt for the Mediterranean.

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