Keto Diet: Try this Upma recipe, ideal for keto, for a high-fat breakfast

When it comes to losing weight, each of us has our own ways of doing it. Whether you’re exercising, dieting, or combining both, the important thing is the end result. However, when you start a weight loss journey, it can be overwhelming to choose from hundreds of diets and the one that will best suit your body. But in recent years, one of the diets that has gained a lot of attention and yielded results is the keto diet. This low carb and high fat diet forces the body to burn fat for energy, which can help with weight loss. Since this diet has caught the attention of many, we have also adapted numerous recipes in a keto way. So, if you are looking for another recipe to add to your list, today we bring you keto upma!

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Upma is a very popular breakfast option and people of all ages love to enjoy it. This dish is usually made with sooji and then boiled with our choice of masales. But if you think keto upma will be the same, it’s really a surprise as this keto recipe is made from cauliflower. Sounds interesting, right? Therefore, we look directly at the recipe for keto upma.

Here is the recipe for Keto Upma | Recipe Keto Upma

First, cut some cauliflower and mix them in a grinder and form a thick consistency. Then, in a frying pan, add oil, curry leaves, mustard seeds, green chillies and ginger. Mix them and add the mixed cauliflower, simmer and toss the spices. Mix and cook for an additional five minutes. Serve in a bowl and cover with some peanuts.

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Make this delicious keto upma and let us know how you liked the dish

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