How to make sure there is something for everyone at the Christmas party

There’s a time when every time you compose Christmas food you think, “Am I satisfied?”

Not too much when it comes to how we treat our loved ones, especially during the holidays. Aside from serving staple foods like ham and ball cheese, we load the table with only the best. On top of that, we also love adding some niche dishes and special requests to suit everyone’s preferences.

Here is a list of these new features combined with a certain personality, so you should never hesitate if you have enough.

The Fitness Buff: The luxury sugar-free bakery box

Your health-conscious loved ones will feel very special with this option on the dessert table. This limited edition holiday box brings together the specialties of The Sugar-Free Bakery: Keto Choco Butternut Krinkle, Keto Hazelnut Dream Cake, Sugar-Free Lemon & Blueberry Muffin, Sugar-Free Cranberry Star Cookie, Sugar-Free Premium Ensaymada, Jr . Keto Wonder Bread, Keto Merry Marble Brownie and Chunky Choco Sugar Free Chip Cookie.

All of these options are suitable for diabetics, ketologists and sugar-free. You can even order a few extra boxes for this no-fault gift.

The traditional: cassava cake from the girls’ homemade sweets

Trust us. There will be someone who will want traditional Filipino specialties at Christmas dinner. We don’t know why, but the season brings those desires to the fore. Babes’ Homemade Goodies makes a cassava cake that isn’t too sweet. It’s plentiful and rich, perfect for dessert after the party with a cup of hot chocolate.

The Herbal Friend: Sensational Harvest Gourmet Burger, Grilled Pieces and Schnitzel

You want to make sure your plant friends are not left out. Harvest Gourmet offers options that do not neglect taste or texture. You can adapt the sensational burger, the grilled pieces and the schnitzel to all your usual recipes without worrying about compromising the taste.

Snack: Krispy Kreme x Chef Tony’s Chocolate Glaze Popcorn

There will always be one person (or a few) who will keep itching and snacking even if they keep saying it’s full. You can offer them a tub of Krispy Kreme x Chef Tony’s popcorn. Get something sweet and crunchy enough to satisfy anyone who wants to keep their fingers busy with food. This iced chocolate creation is part of Krispy Kreme’s #OriginalHoliday specials.

The Sweet Tooth: Cha Tuk Chak x Uno

What is a holiday meeting without a game night? What’s a friendly competition without everyone’s favorite Cha Tuk Chak? Surprise the gang with these two flavors in collaboration with UNO: Dreamy Durian Dalgona and Cherry Cotton Candy. Each purchase also entitles you to an electronic raffle card, as Cha Tuk Chak gives away a trip to Thailand. Good luck!

The chocolate lover: midnight chocolate cake from the Plana pantry

The self-proclaimed connoisseur of chocolate in your life will love this midnight chocolate cake. Wet, rich and decadent, this cake easily surpasses many things you’ve tried. Be alert, as you won’t be able to avoid going for seconds or even thirds.

Plana’s Pantry offers a variety of packaged meals and party trays if you want to enjoy home cooking beyond the Christmas party. Hickory and Lengua barbecue ribs stand out.

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How to make sure there’s something for everyone at the Christmas feast

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