How the Stones continue to roll (at the combined age of 308)

Charlie reportedly survived a head-on collision when the limousine driver fell asleep. And then there’s Keith Richards, the Houdini of his David Blaines. In 1965, “Keef” fell unconscious when he was electrocuted on stage (thanked his rubber boots for his life).

She then fainted with a lighted cigarette in her hand in a rental house in France with Anita Pallenberg in 1971, sending the bed into flames. Two years later, they escaped from another burning house. Then, in the 1990s, he was standing on a chair in his library, looking for a book on the study of Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomy, when several shelves crushed him and resulted in three broken ribs. A decade later, he required brain surgery after falling 7 feet from a palm tree in Fiji.

Oh, and I forgot to mention it: in 1944, Keith and his mother escaped the bombings in London and found a V1 bomb he had dropped on Keith’s cradle again. “It’s all part of life’s rich contest,” he said, after the library crashed. Enough.

One study once found that rock stars die 25 years younger than the average person, which means that collectively, the Stones have more lives than a commercial caterpillar. Anyone who has seen them perform in concert in recent years knows that Mick, Keith, both 77, Ronnie, 74, and Charlie, 80, also have more energy than current Top 40 artists.

So now back on the road, let’s get back to the original question: what health and fitness secrets do the Stones know that the rest of us don’t? Get me started, it’s time to find out.


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