How it changed me to run – Holly Murray

First name: Holly Murray
Age: 35
Hometown: Spencer, Indiana
Occupation: Accountant and Cheer Coach
Initial weight: 288 pounds
Final weight: 188 pounds
Current time: 11 months

I have struggled with my weight since I was little. He had asthma and being overweight only made it worse. However, it was still to be done 5KYes half marathons, but as a career walker. I’ve always wanted to be a runner, but I could never imagine being an overweight runner asthma“So I never tried.”

My doctor told me that if I didn’t take control of my health, I would be taking medication to help me breathe for the rest of my life. This scared me a lot. It wasn’t until I started ketogenic diet and I decided — with 288 pounds — that I was going lose weight and sign up for a half marathon. I made that decision on November 1, 2020.

I officially started running on December 28, 2020. I was able to run for 10 seconds, but then I had to stop. I had the feeling I was going to die, everything was hurting me and mine lungs they were so narrow. But I didn’t give up: I started running four to five days a week. I was using the The Lose It app to keep track of what i was eating and i found that the ketological diet worked really well for me and has helped me reduce it inflammation in my body.

My high school friend agreed to help me train for my half marathon. I signed up for several races to help me be able to see my progress as a runner. This year, as a runner, not as a walker, I completed two half marathons, three 5Ks and a six mile race. Right now, I’m running five days a week and I’ve started training for 2022 Chicago Marathon—I recently found out that I got my place with a charity team.

Holly’s must-have team

Garmin Forerunner watch: I never run without him. I can keep track of my time, distance, speed, pace and heart rate.

Pruvit electrolytes: When you go on a keto diet, electrolytes make you feel good during long runs. I use them every time.

These three tips helped make my career trip a success.

1. Believe in yourself.
I have to constantly remind myself that I can do this and that I am doing it. If you want to do it, go do it. I was walking for 13 years and completed 18 half marathons, but in my heart I wanted to be such a bad runner. So I went after.

2. Take advice and listen to others.
I learned a lot from my Instagram friends about their experience with racing and running in general. I also know it’s okay if I don’t do things exactly as did the others. This is my story, and one day it may help someone else.

3. Value where you are.
Enjoy the process and enjoy the moment you are in. That was very important to me. When I stop and appreciate where I am, then I will appreciate even more where I am going.

I lost 100 pounds and it cost me eight months.

I want other runners to know that anything is possible, and where you are now doesn’t mean it’s your destiny. I refused to go to the grave knowing I didn’t run a marathon, so that’s what I did. I made the jump and signed up.

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