General Mills is launching these 8 new cereals – eat this, not this

Many Americans agree that a specific breakfast it’s the tastiest way to start the day. Whether you like it or not Cinnamon toasted crisp or Reese’s Puffs, nothing better than that feeling of satisfaction when iced milk hit a bowl of freshly poured cereal. While a certain brand is likely to claim a place in the kitchen pantry, it’s always fun to step out of your comfort zone. the grocery store. Thanks to a well-known cereal maker, there isn’t one eight different opportunities to do so.

General Mills has just introduced eight new cereals, which include updated in three of the most popular cereals in America next to a new box inspired by a fan favorite superhero series. In addition, there is a whole line of products with cereals made with real nuts and large portions of whole grains. (Related: The 100 healthiest foods on the planet)

Starting things up is CinnaGraham Toast Crunch, which combines the sweet taste of graham cracker honey with this iconic cinnamon flavor that warms your heart. Next comes Reese’s Puffs Cluster Crunch, which provides a new bite courtesy of light and crunchy corn cereal grapes. In its final turn to the classics, General Mills offers Strawberry Banana Cheerios, which are mgoodbye with strawberry puree and real banana.

If your kids aren’t fans of Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Reese’s Puffs yet, there’s another fun option for them available on this new line. PJ Masks Cereal, which is based on the beloved series of the same name, offers a way for your children to enjoy their animated friends away from the screen. The official flavor of this corn cereal is “midnight berry” and that includes colorful marshmallows.

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Followers of the keto diet they will be boiling : Keto Granola ratio, which promises to serve everything you like from the brand’s granola bars in the form of a bowl. These keto-friendly, high-protein options come in coconut and almond Aromas of toasted almonds. Each serving includes more than it matters: 8 grams of protein versus 1 gram of sugar. The list of ingredients includes almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

Finally, there is a completely branded line of nutritious cereals that promises to “keep you full and satisfied for longer.” Plentifull Cereals is launched with two offers: cinnamon almond butter and peanut butter. Each serving has real nut butter and 32 grams of whole grains. The crunchy grapes of these cereals are made with a variety of ingredients: almonds, oats, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

Two of these boxesStrawberry Banana Cheerios and PJ Masks Cereal: Started in selected stores in mid-November. In January, all programming will be available to retailers across the country. If you’re having trouble figuring out which box of cereal you want to pick up at the grocery store, check out our guide The healthiest breakfast cereals on the planet.

Do not go away! There’s even more cereal snacks below:

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