Free weight loss programme available for Windsor and Maidenhead residents

Windsor and Maidenhead is one of several areas across the country which can benefit from a new weight loss programme available for free.

Gloji is the third free service on offer to residents across the Royal Borough alongside the MAN v FAT Football and Challenge at Work schemes.

The 12-week digital weight loss plan aims to focus on the wider aspects of healthy living, including nutrition, movement, alcohol moderation, mental wellbeing and sleep.

It is available to all residents for free within RBWM providing they are aged 18 or over and have a Body Mass Index of more than 30 (or 27+ for Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic groups).

The Health Survey for England in 2019 estimated that 28 per cent of adults were obese and a further 36.2 per cent were overweight but not obese.

If replicated across the county, this could mean as many as 33,000 obese adults and 43,000 overweight adults in the Royal Borough.

As a digital programme, Gloji can be accessed on most devices, whilst the nature of the weight loss tool allows people to tailor their programme around their work/life schedule.

Dr Richard Pile, clinical lead GP at healthy lifestyle and wellbeing service provider Thrive Tribe, said: “Gloji offers a completely personalised approach, where we focus on the individual and their particular journey.

“Based on psychology, we look at why you have gained the weight in the first place to unpick unhealthy habits.

“It is focused on understanding your body, so you can lose weight permanently without needing a plan.

“Gloji is an exciting new service that helps you lose weight and keep it off, based on the latest science of what it takes to change behaviours.”

The adult weight management services grant has distributed more than £30million of new funding between local authorities in England.

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