ENRICH in the US announces the winners of the funding summit at BIO Digital 2021

PHILADELPHIA, July 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ENRICH in the USA is pleased to announce the winners of the funding summit during BIO Digital 2021. A total of 10 world startups participated in the pitch competition after a rigorous selection process.

The speakers and judges (20) were well-known investors (angel networks, early-stage venture capital firms and R1 university incubators and accelerators), as well as representatives of agencies and governments from cities, states and the US / EU.

The top winner (best score of the two Zoom rooms) won $ 500.

The top three startups in each category gained direct access to ENRICH at the US Virtual Landing Program (no interview and first month offered) at top US research universities. These universities include Temple University (PA), George Mason University (VA), UC Berkeley (CA), Cal Poly University (CA) and Purdue University (IN).

Biotechnology and Medtech:

  • (First place) Keto Swiss – Basel, Switzerland | Biotechnology | www.keto.swiss | Keto Swiss is a Swiss biotechnology company that develops “brain fuels”, a product that improves brain energy (“MigraKet”), as 1) nutraceuticals (supplements) and 2) pharmaceuticals for the therapy of migraines. MigraKet is safe and contains an identical metabolite for humans, close to the main cause of migraine, and according to concept test data it is also effective and without adding intolerable side effects. In later stages of development, the portfolio may be extended to other neurological diseases characterized by metabolic dysfunctions, such as Alzheimer’s disease. The company is currently seeking $ 10 million (possibly in two tranches of $ 3 million and $ 7 million) for other clinical trials, product development, and market launch | Elena Gross, CEO / OSC.
  • (Second place) PlasFree – Nazareth, Israel | Medtech | www.plas-free.com | Plas-Free is a clinical phase company specializing in the development and marketing of vital fluid absorbing devices for blood purification. The company has as a strategic partner one of the world leaders in dialysis, apheresis and blood transfusion products – Asahi Kasei Medical (AKM). The goal of Plas-Free is to provide improved treatment to patients with its extracorporeal plasma adsorbent device. The first two Plas-Free products target two main clinical indications with clear unmet needs: (1) CLearPlasma for massive internal bleeding and (2) AAPC-300 for HyperAmmonia (liver cirrhosis). Plas-Free is a private medical device company founded in 2017. | Zeev Dvashi, CEO.
  • (Third place) Brenus Pharma – Lyon, France | Biotechnology | https://brenus-pharma.com | The company develops allogeneic cellular vaccines to treat cancer thanks to its unique, patented and scalable technology. The unique platform enables stark strategies with multiple candidate generation, increased cost and effective time, non-competitive market entry in combination with healthcare standards, strong dissemination of intellectual property worldwide, and a highly skilled team supported by world-renowned cancer oncologists EU and US institutes. | Sebastien Petitet, CBDO.

Electronic medical devices and equipment:

  • (First place) HeartKinetics – Charleroi, Belgium | EMD | https://heartkinetics.com | Developing OKCARDIO, https://www.okcardio.com/ | OKCARDIO is an application for smartphones and artificial intelligence in the cloud for cardiac control and diagnosis. It allows diagnosing patients with potential heart failure and committing to regular follow-up to ensure daily follow-up of treatment and improve the quality of their daily lives. | Pierre-Francois Migeotte, CEO / co-founder.
  • (Second place) IVis Technologies – Taranto, Italy | EMD | www.ivistechnologies.com | The iVis suite consists of hardware (Precisio®, pMetrics® and iRes ™) and software products (CIPTA®, CLAT and iVerify®). iVis Suite uses state-of-the-art technology to perform fully automated, tactile, remotely controlled, and personalized refractive surgery to optimize vision quality and minimize surgical invasiveness for the treatment of corneal pathologies and refractive diseases. | Giuseppe D’Ippolito, CEO.
  • (Third place) Adiposs – Geneva, Switzerland | EMD | https://adiposs.com Adiposs develops medical imaging products and technologies for the early detection of cachexia, a fatal body wear syndrome. | Andrej Babic, CEO.

“We are delighted to recognize and celebrate again this unique online format, as selected high-growth startups from Europe (and partner countries) this time showed innovative advances in the healthcare space,” said Sebastien Torre, director of ENRICH, based in San Francisco. Central USA. “I also want to thank Invest EU, Enterprise Europe Network, Green & Spiegel and Angel Launch for their great support and collaboration. See you at our next virtual / hybrid funding summit!”

“When it comes to exploring deals, I prioritize finding qualified healthcare technology companies that are at the right stage with a clear competitive advantage in the U.S. market, which can be tricky. ENRICH are so valuable, and even more so in the context of health and biological focus in the life sciences, because they help address two of the most critical areas for the success of a company’s entry into the US: streamlined connections with relevant investors and entry into a network of flexible landing centers to maximize capital and business efficiency. this considered approach means we see some of the most phenomenal technologies across Europe, ”added Elizabeth Jennings, board SWAN Impact Network directive; VP, SWAN Impact Fund; Director, Venture Atlas Labs.

“ENRICH events provide an excellent opportunity to promote new opportunities Invest in the EU program among US investors and institutions and for more information on US ecosystems, ”said Michael Feith, European Commission Policy Officer, DG ECFIN L2 – InvestEU Governance.

About ENRICH in the USA

Launched in April 2017, the mission of ENRICH (European network of research innovation centers and centers) in the USA (ENRICH in the USA) is to provide collaboration and marketing support services to European researchers and innovators (from the EU and partner countries), and to facilitate their access to university-focused Soft Landing ecosystems, to maximize their chances of success. to the United States.

ENRICH in the US, funded by the European Commission through Horizon 2020, is represented in the US by Temple Small Business Development Center – Fox School of Business, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and NCURA based in Washington, DC.

Maura Shenker, director of Temple University’s Small Business Development Center, added that “Temple SBDC is proud to support this leading group of successful European entrepreneurs participating in BIO Digital 2021 and look forward to our strong partnership with ENRICH in the US to provide more transatlantic services and connections. “

As for Temple University, SBDC

Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) are the only statewide accredited program that provides high-quality, individualized consulting, training, and information resources to empower new and existing businesses. The SBDC program is a public / private partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Pennsylvania Department of Economic Development and Community, and 16 universities and colleges throughout the Commonwealth. Temple University SBDC is an outreach center of Temple University’s Fox School of Business and Management that has been serving Philadelphia and surrounding communities since 1983. Highly trained and experienced staff provides start-ups and small businesses professional knowledge and assistance. Its mission is to help small businesses grow and succeed.

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