Director of Athletics, Recreation and Fitness at UMF Set To Retire Next Week

UMF announces the director of Athletics, Fitness and Recreation who will retire after a long and successful career

The University of Maine at Farmington has announced that after a long and successful career leading UMF Athletics, Julie Davis, director of Athletics, Fitness and Recreation at UMF, will retire on June 25th.

“Farmington has been so fortunate to have Julie at the forefront of our efforts in athletics, fitness and recreation for more than two decades,” said UMF President Edward Serna. “Under his leadership, our Division III athletic programs have expanded, prospered and inspired. New academic offerings related to sports have been developed and outdoor recreation has become an author program. We will miss his energy and dedication and wish him all the best in the future. ”

The UMF’s strong competitive tradition in NCAA Division III athletics has been led by Davis since 2000, including 19 conference championships at the North Atlantic Conference and more at the Atlantic Conference / Sunrise and the Reynolds alpine skiing division. Many appearances were also obtained in regional championships and berthed in the national championship for the NCAA and USCSA programs.

“At the NAC you will miss Julie tremendously. She is our voice of reason, a voice of our history and a strong moral compass. She is thoughtful and reasoned. Its impact on the conference is long-standing. Julie only improves the NAC, “said Marcella Zalot, commissioner of the North Atlantic Conference.” On a personal note, you will miss her friendship, her good advice and her wisdom. Julie has been very dedicated. of herself at the conference and others. I’m excited that she can now take some time for herself. She’s one of the most exceptional administrators and the exceptional people I’ve been lucky enough to work with. ”

During its tenure, the quantity and quality of programs has expanded, participation has increased, and facilities have undergone numerous upgrades, renovations, and expansion. NCAA sports offerings increased from nine to fifteen and competitive snow sports were reintroduced, more than doubling the participation of student athletes. This growth and development has extended beyond athletics to fitness and recreation, mainly outdoors, the certificate of alpine operations, the junior coach and the PHE program (first year of physical activity).

“Julie has led the Athletics Department with the utmost integrity and sincere passion, while always putting the needs of UMF sports students and their staff first. All decisions Julie made were geared towards enriching the student-athlete experience during her stay at UMF. She has been a dedicated advocate across campus and I wish her all the best, “said Cyndi Pratt, assistant athletics director and head hockey coach.

Davis helped increase alumni participation through participation in games, events, and alumni deliveries. In particular, the Leib Field and Len MacPhee Court campaigns resulted in significant improvements, including the establishment of a state-of-the-art college weight room and a health and performance strength and conditioning program. . The Dick Meader Hall of Fame campaign is underway and has exceeded its original funding goal.

“Julie is an advocate for our campus for the holistic development of all our students. She is committed to an environment of equity, inclusion and diversity, ”said Jamie Beaudoin, UMF Associate Athletics Director, Women’s Basketball Coach and Instructor. “She is the engine of our continuous development to advance in our department. We have been lucky to have her all these years and I am lucky to have had her as a mentor, teammate and friend ”.

Throughout his time at UMF, academic achievement and community engagement became hallmarks of the program. Farmington has routinely been the leader in the number / percentage of athletic students who have earned recognition from academic athletes. The average student-athlete GPA has exceeded 3.0, several teams have been ranked nationally for their team GPA, and three alumni have earned NCAA graduate scholarships. The most recent student-athlete graduation rate was 80%, a high grade for a public university. Beyond the classroom, athletic students have dedicated more than 800 hours of service to the community in a given year.

“I am proud that my advocacy and my efforts lead to more opportunities for students who positively impacted their experience in ways I trust will help them have a healthier and more successful life beyond UMF. That is true. “It has been a pleasure to work with staff to build a positive, strong student-centered culture, seeking excellence in competence and character,” said Davis. moreover, I appreciate teamwork with colleagues across campus and the support of leaders, alumni, and community partners.I know that the progress and successes attributed to my leadership are the result of teamwork and collaboration. I am very grateful for the people, the community and the opportunity. ”

“In an occupation where the only constant is change, Julie has always put her staff first, caring as people and not just as employees. She constantly advocated for healthy work and family balances in professions known for exhaustion, and was generous with praise and encouragement in favorable and difficult times. Perhaps most importantly, her focus on inclusion, equity and belonging will be a role model for our department in the coming years, ”said Molly Wilkie, UMF women’s head coach.

In 2010, Davis was awarded the NCAA Division III National Award for Admin of the Year for Women Leaders in College Sports. He has continued to play a leading role in the conference, both regionally and nationally. At UMF he has been a member of numerous steering committees. Most recently, she was recognized with the distinguished staff of the 2019 “Above and Beyond Award,” nominated by the staff, for her contributions to the UMF community.

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