Costco buyers have different opinions about these Keto Mocha coffee boxes

Sometimes, but not all the time, when a food or beverage company is branded as healthy or clean, their products are not as tasty for the customer. This is usually due to the fact that we are used to consuming foods and beverages rich in sugar or other additives that make them taste irresistible. So when we eat something without these “shady ingredients,” our taste buds come off.hat is that ?! reaction. This seems to be the case with Super Coffee’s mocha drinks, which have recently hit the shelves of Costco.

After the Instagram account Costco_doesitagain shared the news about the new products, buyers responded to the comments to give their honest opinions. Spoiler alert: Most were not in favor of this lactose-free, gluten-free, keto-compatible drink. One customer wrote, “I wasn’t a fan,” while another labeled his friend saying they didn’t approve of the drink. Someone else commented, “I didn’t care what this one tasted like.” Although there were a few fans who were excited to try the coffee.

If you’re interested in trying the Super Coffee mocha drink, it’s currently available in stores in Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina or online.

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