Cabbage for weight loss: 5 low-calorie cabbage recipes for weight loss

You must have already found at least one diet plan to lose weight and there is a 50% chance that it is the keto diet. Whether you follow the Keto diet or not, one of the main things that help with weight loss is limiting carbs and burning calories. But if you’re like us, you’ll literally be surrounded by carbs. From rice to naan, to samosa and jalebis, the Indian home is the most prosperous. It’s not easy to eat away from home either, we’re pampered by choices and we can’t help but opt ​​for fats or fats. So if you’re a keto enthusiast, want to lose weight, or want to try a healthy diet from time to time, we have an ingredient that will not only limit carbs to eat, but will also act as a delicious alternative: the humble cabbage. .

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Cabbage can be substituted or added to many meals to make it unique; the best example of this is to replace the maida in rolls or dumplings. Intriguing, isn’t it? Well, let me show you some more exciting lip recipes, low in calories, friendly with keto and that help with weight loss and are sure to make everyone fall in love.

Here are 5 recipes for low calorie cabbage to lose weight:

1. Plots of steamed cabbage compatible with keto:

These plots are like balls, but instead of maida, we use cabbage as a wrapper. Once steamed, the cabbage has a crunchy, crunchy texture that makes it the perfect wrap for juicy meat fillings. To experience this explosion of flavors in your mouth, read the recipe here.

2. Low-calorie fried cabbage salad:

We know that salads and the delicious term don’t usually go hand in hand, but they don’t. With this easy but tasty fried cabbage salad, you’ll get a shot of fiber and flavor together in this 10-minute recipe. It has other nutritious vegetables like beans, carrots and peppers, curry leaves and mustard seeds add just the zing needed to make it your favorite salad. Read the full recipe here.

Cabbage salads are crispy and delicious

3. Keto-friendly cabbage meat rolls:

Who doesn’t love a delicious bite of a good chicken roll? But if you count your calories every time you eat them, this is just the recipe for you. Prepare the chicken filling and place it on a blanched cabbage leaf and tie it securely with a spring onion. To enhance the taste a little more boil in chicken broth and enjoy this delicacy in the comfort of your home. Read the full recipe here.

4. Cula friendly cabbage with keto:

For all rice lovers, this pulao not only tastes good, but adding cabbage makes it healthier for consumption. Lightly frying the cabbage in ghee gives it a luxurious touch and aroma and spices are used to enhance the overall experience. You can have it alone or with a curry you want. Read the full recipe here.

o58j7rmgThe cabbage pulao with a ghee aroma has a heavenly taste

5. Low-calorie cabbage sandwich:

This cabbage sandwich has more than one health benefit up its sleeve. It uses hanging cottage cheese instead of cheese and has nutrients stuffed with cabbage, peppers and carrots. Use multi-grain bread for the best healthy breakfast. Read the full recipe here.

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Here are five different cabbage recipes that can help you lose weight. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite recipe is.

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