Are there the best Keto food kits for a low carb lifestyle?

There are dozens, if not a hundred or more Food kit delivery service, as Blue apron, HelloFresh, i Sun basket. Regardless of the specific company, the general premise of each home food kit delivery subscription is the same: provide subscribers with fresh, pre-proportioned ingredients to make two, four, or sometimes six servings of several different recipes each week. . Weekly boxes are shipped with fresh ingredients after subscribers select the specific recipes they want to try this week.

The box includes everything you need to make the dish, minus a few pantry staples like salt and oil, along with a recipe card that contains complete instructions and nutritional data for the dish. In this way, food kit delivery services offer comfort, efficiency and the opportunity to try new recipes and practice cooking skills.

But what if you follow a specific, rigid diet plan, such as the popular low-carb ketogenic diet? Are there any ketological meal delivery services that address these dietary restrictions? What is the best ketological meal delivery kit? We researched these questions to determine food kit options for those who do the keto diet. Keep reading to find out the best subscription delivery keto food kits.

What is the Keto Diet?

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He ketogenic diet, or keto diet, is a very low-carb, high-fat diet that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is similar to other low-carb diets such as the Atkins diet, and is based on the premise that severe restriction of carbohydrate intake forces the body into metabolic ketosis, which can help the body burn fat.

The main components of the ketogenic diet are foods that are high in protein or fat and that contain little or no carbohydrates. Examples include fatty fish such as salmon and tuna, seafood, all meat and poultry, butter and cream, nuts, seeds, oils and nut butter, cheese, eggs , starch-free oils and vegetables.

What is the best Keto food kit delivery subscription?

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While there are many food kits delivery subscriptions these days, there is actually only one that specifically fits the keto diet; others offer one or more low-carb or keto-approved recipes each week, or none at all. In addition, because these food kit delivery services do not have a specific keto plan, it is up to the consumer to examine the recipes for themselves and determine potential compatibility with their dietary restrictions. Most of the time, not enough keto-compliant recipes will be offered each week to meet the minimum number of meals required on a weekly order.

Therefore, unless you share a home with someone on a more conventional diet, the vast majority of food kit delivery services will not work for those who follow the keto diet, with one notable exception: Green Chef. Green Chef is the only one Healthy meal kit delivery subscription which has a specific plan for ketological meals. Called the Keto and Paleo plan, this meal plan works exactly like vegan or vegetarian plans, as subscribers can choose the designated number of recipes and portions per week from a rotating menu of numerous recipes, unless they are all approved by the keto diet.

How does the Green Chef Keto & Paleo plan work?

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The Green Chef Keto & Paleo plan can be ordered in portions of two, four or six people from three or four different recipes per week. Each serving costs $ 12.49 plus a shipping fee of $ 10 per box for smaller orders and only $ 11.49 per serving with the same shipping fee for servings of six people or four dishes per week. As with an unrestricted diet, each week, subscribers browse the website and select the recipes they would like to try in their box and wait for the arrival of everything they need to create these dishes at home.

Ingredients and nutritional data are presented on the website so you can make sure it meets your dietary needs at the time of ordering. The recipe cards included in the box guide you through each step of the cooking process. In addition to serving the keto diet, one of the biggest benefits of Green Chef is that all ingredients are organic and free of GMOs, pesticides and antibiotics.

What types of Keto recipes can you make with the Green Chef Keto & Paleo plan?

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The Green Chef Keto & Paleo plan includes 10 or more different low carb keto recipes available each week. Examples include chicken and pumpkin hashish with chard and sun-dried tomatoes, vegetable beef soup, pork with balsamic tomato sauce and spicy pumpkin and sesame prawn spaghetti with fried broccoli. All of these recipes are low in carbohydrates, high in protein and free of gluten, cereals, soy and legumes.

Keto recipes use carbohydrate-conscious substitutes for starchy ingredients like pasta and rice. For example, Chimichurri chicken bowl incorporates cauliflower “rice” instead of plain rice. The recipes are tasty and reflect a variety of global cuisines each week. Another favorite is the Shawarma-Spiced Beef Patties with lemon and cabbage aioli. Each recipe is designed to be completed in 30 minutes or less and should be suitable for home chefs of all cooking skills.

Are there other options for Keto food kits besides Green Chef?

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While Green Chef is the only traditional food kit delivery service that offers a keto diet plan, there are a couple of other ways to take advantage of many of the same benefits of food kit delivery services while serving ‘adhere to the keto diet. Platforms with SideChef offers more than 10,000 stop recipes with full videos. You can filter recipes that are compatible with the keto diet. After selecting a recipe that suits your dietary needs, you can click a button so that all the ingredients are packaged and ready to go to your local Walmart.

Once at home, you can use the instructional videos and step-by-step recipes to create the ceto diet dish at home. That way, you still have exposure to new recipes and the opportunity to advance your culinary skills and make homemade food at home like a regular food kit, except you just have to drive to the store and pick up the order instead of receiving the box. at home, and the keto recipe options at SideChef are much wider than you can find with regular food kit delivery services.

Finally, if the kitchen aspect of a food kit delivery service is less appealing to you than simply the convenience of receiving prepared food at home, consider a ceto prepared food delivery service, such as Trifecta Nutrition i Fresh and lean. These services work similarly to food kit subscriptions, as you can select the meals you want to try each week from a rotating menu, except that all food arrives prepared in packs ready to heat and eat, without cooking. required.

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