Aldi shoppers can’t get enough of these keto-friendly bagels

Aldi shopper @adventuresinaldi was so excited to see these L’oven Fresh bagels in the store that they couldn’t help but alert their Instagram followers of the find. “KETO BAGELS !! My husband found them and I’m so glad he took a picture too! I haven’t tried them yet, but today I’ll make a bagel sandwich for lunch. I can’t wait! !!” published on the social media site, wondering, “Have you tried this ?? I’ve heard they’re pretty good, but I’d love for you to take them! Even if you don’t eat low in carbs or keto, they can be a good choice, already that’s 90 calories! “

Many of his fans were definitely pleased to see that this Keto-compatible brand hit Aldi’s shelves. “THEY LOVE bread and rolls with keto, so great they now have a bagel version!” follower @nataliecottonwilson delirious. “I’ve had them for just over a month. And they definitely satisfy the urge to bagel! I love them. They’re not as chewy as a normal bagel, but I don’t complain!” @ staceydawn762019 agreed, while @ sdnil427 replied, “90 calories are MAGIC for a bagel.” And at just $ 3.49 for a pack of five bagels, these L’oven Fresh bagels are a healthy choice for both your diet and your wallet (via Aldi).

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