A Keto neuroscientist on how Keto affects your gut

“[Keto] restricts plants and fruits to some degree that could affect the diversity of the intestinal microbiome, “explains D’Agostino, especially if you just start dipping your toes into keto waters.” Under some conditions, you may want to use probiotics, ”he adds, if you really want to elevate your gut microbiome. * mindbodygreen + probiotic, for example, contains a unique combination of four bacterial strains to facilitate swelling, aid digestion, and help restore the gut. *

Some, however, may find that embarking on a keto diet actually improvement gut microbial diversity: “I actually eat more plants with a ketogenic diet than I did when I ate eating a high-carb diet,” says D’Agostino. “I now have a lot of salads, vegetables, nuts, artichokes and healthy vegetables for the gut.” So even though your diet excludes some foods, you may find that you eat a greater variety of plants than you had before, and therefore you may have a more diverse microbiome. It all depends on the person and it’s important to listen to what your own body is trying to tell you.


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