‘7 Little Johnstons’ Amber Johnston’s Weight Loss Journey Is Seriously Inspiring

TLC‘s 7 Little Johnstons features seven members of the same family who have achondroplasia dwarfism. Ever since the show first aired, fans have taken an interest in each member of the family — Amber Johnston in particular. The matriarch’s Instagram followers have likely noticed that she regularly posts about living and eating healthy. In a recent post, she shared her before-and-after photos, hoping that it would inspire those in similar situations. Keep reading to learn more about Amber Johnston‘s weight loss journey.

Meet the Johnston family

‘7 Little Johnstons’ | TLC

7 Little Johnstons, first aired on TLC in 2015, and has since been a journey full of drama that has kept viewers glued to their screen for 10 seasons.The Johnstons are a typical American family trying to work their way through life. Trent and Amber have five children: two biological, Jonah and Elizabeth, and three adopted, Anna, Alex, and Emma.

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