6 of the best places in the UAE to get great keto burgers

Keto should not mean a veto on burgers …

If you’re a member of the ketorati card that dodges carbs or you’ve been thinking about a change to see if it can work for you, you’ve probably already dismissed the idea of ​​wasting burgers.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, with a few substitutions it’s possible to turn this guy from the complex carbohydrate poster into a lean, petty ketosis pedaling machine.

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These are just six burger chains in the UAE where you can keep those keto gains.

Where to get keto food in the UAE

Tap black

It’s not just its CrazyShakes that cause sugar annoyance that brings all the habibis to the yard, Black Tap has “transformed” the UAE burger scene with human-sized portions of New York and cunning twists that they fill with buns. The problem is that both things will illuminate some serious warning lights on the ketosis board. Fortunately, and because this hip-hop steak rib comes from the spiritual heart of comfy food, the U.S. burger has been on the keto trend since the jump, offering its classic burger-shaped burger tossed. Are you hungry for more? Slide into a portion of the Mexican wings with hot sauce to make a Mariachi feast on your tongue. Dubai and Abu Dhabi, from Dhs45. @blacktapdubai

Fuel for burgers

This New Zealand export was one of the first to spot and celebrate the fashion for cut carbs – it offered a “Low Carbinator” version for each of its grass-fed, antibiotic-free and 100-meat chicken burgers. % (American muscle is recommended: cheddar, pickles and mustard). It’s basically a lettuce wrapper, which is completely spread out, and can make the food ritual a more messy order of magnitude, although we’d say that’s how burgers are supposed to be enjoyed. . And they also offer sly burgers, which mitigate part of the slop ‘n’ drop. If you want to highlight the fries, there are sweet potato alternatives, but we advocate their breadless garlic and rosemary “chicken fenders” that come with a lush lemon aioli bath. They are gouges without the dinner jacket. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, from Dhs32. @burgerfuel_uae

Five boys

The American burger chain claims to offer more than 250,000 burger combinations thanks to the highly customizable menu. Because? Because humans are a famous and demanding group. For all the people who roll their eyes in happiness when they eat mushrooms, there is another who will cry over the “texture”. Some of the quarter-million options allow you to enjoy your absolutely skinny pies. And without donuts, it does not mean that it is fun, as you can cover the meat with salads, jalapenos, pickles, mushrooms, perpers and spicy sauce. Are you looking for a partner? You can also enjoy hot dogs of veal and cheese without bread. Dubai and Abu Dhabi, from Dhs38. @fiveguysuae


Pickl, one of our favorite homemade burgers, broke the pastry burgers. They offer the option, when delivered and eaten, to replace their * sighs in lush keto potato buns * with a lettuce wrapper. Their bitter chicken watermelons will require a strong lettuce milk, although these fillets are absolute beasts. In Dubai (will arrive in Abu Dhabi soon), from Dhs30. @eatpickl

The Cheesecake Factory

Warning sirens usually go off when we see a restaurant menu with the range of that particular dining chain. The imaginary little Gordan Ramsay, who sits on our shoulders for food criticism scenes, twists his forehead with measured cynicism: “How can they do all this?” he asks “and do it right.” But it’s a successful brand with a collection of outlets around the world (including four in Dubai and two in Abu Dhabi), so our little Gordan should roll his neck. . ‘section’ and order the Skinnylicious sans bun burger (no sauce too if you feel really cute), it already comes with a side salad. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, from Dhs55. @thecheesecakefactoryme

The Keto Fix

This low-carb restaurant allows you to keep the buns on fire. Yes, really. They have seven different options, all with their own homemade dishes (around 5g of carbs per burger). Go to the mainland with the mushroom and the Swiss, eat a pile with the double cheeseburger, there is also a burger with bacon and eggs if you want your arteries to have a proper workout and, through a magic of carb reduction, even a fried chicken burger. In Dubai, from Dhs32.

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6 of the best places in the UAE to get great keto burgers

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