460-Pound Man Shed 61% of His Weight By Walking and Dieting

The 460-pound man who spent days in bed loses 61% of body weight through diet and walking

A man from Eureka, California, who weighed more than 400 pounds and spent days in bed with no energy or motivation, lost 61% of his weight after committing to a keto diet and going for a walk.

“I had 460 pounds [208 kg], and I was starting to feel like those people from those TV shows, “said Jacob David, 38.” I had no energy and was just lying in bed, sometimes for days. ”

Jacob David before his weight loss. (SWNS)

However, in November 2018, Jacob got the motivation he really needed after a size 68 pair of pants motivated him to do something about his overwhelming waist.

Jacob had heard about his uncle’s keto diet at the time and thought he wanted to try it. He then switched his junk food diet primarily to the low carb keto diet.

“I used to eat a whole packet of hot dogs and five pieces of bread at midnight,” he said. “I ate mashed potatoes, donuts, soda. I would eat french fries all the time. ”

With the change in diet, Jacob began to notice some changes and in November alone he lost 4.5 to 6.8 kg. By the end of this year, he already weighed 195 kg.

The following year, Jacob decided to include exercise in his routine. He started walking 30 minutes a day four to five times a week, eventually increasing to 45 minutes and then an hour.

Photo Epoch Times Jacob David after his weight loss. (SWNS)

“Weight started to fly fast around July 2019, when I walked like crazy and ate less food and healthier meals,” Jacob said. “By August 2019, I was starting to lose an average of £ 15 a month.”

By September 2020, Jacob had taken giant strides on his transformation journey and finally stalled there. “I slowly lost about five or six pounds until December and that’s where I’ve been almost ever since,” Jacob said.

Now, Jacob doesn’t stick exclusively to keto, but opts for healthier carbs, such as oats and bananas. Also, since he began his transformation journey, he has begun to enjoy salads and broccoli, foods he didn’t like in the past.

“I’ve had sugar in my drinks again, but I still eat less food,” he said. “I learned my lesson.”

Jacob also continues to exercise for more than two hours a day walking, cycling, or mowing his vast lawn.

“I can’t stand still anymore,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s nice to be able to move. ”

Photo Epoch Times Jacob David after his weight loss. (SWNS)

Jacob is 6 feet 1 inch tall and now weighs only 81 kg. Although his original goal was 180 pounds, he believes he could bear to regain some weight, admitting that he is possibly too thin for his height and that he should probably be around 86 kg.

Photo Epoch Times Jacob David before and after his weight loss. (SWNS)

Encourage anyone else who is trying to lose weight or using the keto diet to be consistent and not give up on themselves.

“Don’t give up because anything is possible,” he said. “I gave up hope in 2018 until I learned about this diet and it worked. I had tried to exercise and it didn’t work because it was my eating habits back then.

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