3 Ways To Train Your Brain To Help You Stay Consistent On Your Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss tips: Stop emotional eating before it turns into a binge,says expert


  • When craving for a cheat meal, distract yourself
  • Take note of your meals and goals to stay consistent
  • Do not forget to celebrate your small victories

Are you among those who have decided several times to stick to a weight loss diet but failed? There are cheat days. And there are those cheat days that make us feel defeated and nudge us to step down from the healthy diet and exercise. Then, we completely indulge in fast food and slump on the couch. This pattern of behaviour can be called the black-and-white mentality or the mentality of “all or nothing makes it,” says nutritionist Pooja Makhija. The drive behind it is our innate, yet flawed, yearning for perfection. Your mind tells you if you cannot do it perfectly, leave it altogether. “You are human. No one can be perfectly healthy day after day after day. I can’t, my clients can’t,” she wrote in the caption of her new video on Instagram.

Weight loss: “All or nothing makes it” phenomenon can stop you from losing weight

The nutritionist’s video focuses on how your mind can stop you from losing weight. “You may break one teacup by accident,” she wrote, comparing it with the cheat days, “But you don’t want to deliberately smash the rest of the tea set just because you broke one cup by mistake.” She is trying to stop us from moving into the “land of no half measures.” That’s a land of only extremes. She suggested that we come out of that mentality to benefit our body and mind. Here are some of her tips:

1. Stop it

There’s no way around this black-and-white mentality regarding health and food. Stop emotional eating before it turns into a binge. During such cravings, distance yourself from food and nourish yourself with other activities. Take control.

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2. Write it

Whenever you catch yourself falling for the ‘all or nothing works’ decision, stop and note it down. Also, note the times you keep up with your goals. In time, you’ll get better and better at controlling your binge cravings.


Weight loss: Write down your weight loss goals as it will remind you to stick to those
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3. Celebrate your feats

Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the shoulder each time you prevent a black-and-white thought. Get a massage or buy something nice for yourself to show you care for the baby steps you are taking towards your goals.

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“You have to remind yourself that this is not a diet. This is a food plan where, eventually, everything will be allowed,” Pooja Makhija wrote. Here’s her video:

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Now, you know how to take control of your mind towards a healthier life.

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